Community Staff

Community Midwives

The midwives attached to the surgery work in partnership with the doctors. They are keen to provide an informed choice of care, offering at home, midwife led care and shared care with a consultant, depending on medical history.

The midwives provide pre-conceptual, antenatal and postpartum care, attending births when possible.

Community Nurses

A district nursing team is available to those who require nursing care but are confined to their home. They are now located centrally and are contactable by telephoning 030 0123 2425.

Health Visitors

The health visitors work mostly with children under 5 years and their families. They also assess children’s development and behaviour. They support parents antenatally and postnatally and offer parentcraft teaching and health education.

They can be contacted directly by telephoning 01473 275273. They are located at Allington House. 427 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, IP4 4ER.


Referral to a counsellor may be arranged through your usual doctor if it is felt to be appropriate.