Care Navigators

What is a Care Navigator?

Our Care Navigators are an important part of the day to day running of the surgery.

They are the front line call handlers, booking appointments, answering queries and providing information on different services and choices every patient has available to them in the surgery as well as the community.

They are trained to ask open questions regarding your health/social issues to direct you to the most appropriate department or clinician. They also deal with patients who have a wide range of diverse situations and find the care resources they need to manage certain medical and health conditions as well as help with social situations.

A care navigator works with each patient to help them schedule their medical appointments, assist them with their prescription questions, and troubleshoot problems. They may also be able to help the patient get connected to community or government programs, such as housing, food, or other benefits.

A Care Navigator’s role is to actively listen, to signpost people to sources of help & to help & support people to play an active role in managing their own health.