Track a Referral

If you are waiting to receive a referral please use this form to get an update on the referral status.

E-Referrals (Urgent or Routine)

When you and your GP agree that you need to see a specialist you will be referred via E-Referral to a hospital of your choice. Your referral will be usually be triaged and graded by the hospital consultants. Your name will then be added to the appropriate waiting list and as clinic slots become available you will be sent an appointment. The waiting times will vary depending on the speciality.

When one of the clinicians from the practice has arranged to refer you to a specialist clinic they will discuss with you whether it is urgent or routine. The clinician will try to give an indication of your expected waiting time but is difficult to be precise about waiting times, as this very much depends on current demand at the hospital and any unforeseen circumstances.

If you need to make enquiries about your wait for an appointment at Ipswich Hospital then please phone the Ipswich Hospital Appointments Centre:

NEW Referrals for a first appointment – 01473 702400
Follow up appointments – 01473 703162

If, after contacting the Hospital Appointments Service, you have further questions please use this form.

Track a Referral

Track a Referral